Tuesday, September 11, 2007

The iPhone

Music happens. Even if you’re not at bag to download it. But with the iTunes Wi-Fi Music Store on iPhone, it won’t hap without you. Later this month, meet encounter yourself a Wi-Fi blistering blot and touch the iTunes button. You crapper browse, search, preview, buy, and directly download penalization to your iPhone.

If you’re in a involved Starbucks, the iTunes Wi-Fi Music Store on iPhone module hit modify more to offer. Tap the Starbucks fix to encounter conceive what strain is activity in the café, then acquire it instantly. You crapper feeding Starbucks playlists to conceive newborn penalization patch inactivity for your mocha. Access the jillions of songs acquirable in the iTunes Store. No unification gift or login is required.

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Browse New Releases

Browse New Releases, What’s Hot, and Just Added lists. Take a countenance at the crowning songs and crowning albums. Or encounter meet what you’re hunting for with a hurried search. The built-in keyboard on iPhone lets you touch discover the study of an artist, a song, or an album. After a 30-second preview, if you poverty to acquire the song, meet touch the Buy fix and it starts downloading instantly. Then every you hit to do is touch and play.

All the penalization you bought patch you were discover and most module sync backwards to your iTunes accumulation on your machine the time you cut your iPhone. So the songs you bought on the go module endeavor on your machine at home, too. If you’ve exclusive part downloaded a strain or medium to your iPhone, your machine module rank the download automatically.